Welcome to the web pages of the Office of Women's Affairs and Equal Opportunities

You will find up-to-date information on key activities, measures and events, which have been designed to support gender equality at Charité.
The Office for Women's Affairs and Equal Opportunities provides advice and support on issues pertaining to gender equality to all staff and students at Charité. The organization is committed to its social responsibility of ensuring equal opportunities for both men and women, and we support both the Executive Board and all levels of management in the implementation of measures aimed at meeting this responsibility.

We cover an extremely broad field of activities, including the areas of career planning, diversity, and work-life balance.

  • Advice on topics such as career planning, conflict resolution, and sexual harassment
  • Membership of all bodies and committees, e.g. Faculty Council, Executive Board, promotions, new appointments
  • Promotion of equal opportunities through programs and events (mentoring, etc.)
  • Gender equality in research: advice and support for research applicants
  • Gender equality in teaching: thematic support in implementing relevant contents
  • Networks: Diversity; Domestic Violence
  • National and International Cooperation
  • Balancing work/study and family life: The Office of Family Affairs

We are always happy to provide advice and support  on issues pertaining to equal opportunities, both at a personal and an institutional level. Please call us to make an appointment.
We look forward to your questions, suggestions and ideas.

Your Women's Affairs and Equal Opportunities team at Charité