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Information on Professorship applications

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Information on the application process

Please submit applications in writing, including your CV/resume, educational background and research experience, documentary evidence/certificates, details of your teaching experience, and a list of your publications (including reprints of your three most important publications). Please ensure that you send your application pack to the Dean of the Medical Faculty of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin by the application deadline. Charité has been awarded the 'family-friendly university' certification (familiengerechte Hochschule).

Procedure for the appointment of Professors

The Officer for Women's Affairs and Equal Opportunities is involved in all professorial appointments. Her involvement commences at the very beginning of the process and concludes with the submission of a written report on proceedings.
The guide to quality assurance and equal opportunities in professorial appointments, "Faire Berufungsverfahren - Empfehlungen zur Qualitätssicherung und Chancengleichheit", is aimed at all stakeholders – from the chairman of the appointment committee to the applicant – and provides important information on transparency and fair equality of opportunity during the professorial appointment process.