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CCGH Community Day 2023



Charité Center for Global Health Community Day: A Confluence of Insights and Collaboration!

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CCGH Community Day © Y. Demirpehlivan 2023
CCGH Community Day_ Panel 3
CCGH Community Day_ Panel 1
CCGH Community Day_ Panel 1
CCGH Community Day © Y. Demirpehlivan 2023
CCGH Community Day_Panel 2
CCGH Community Day © Y. Demirpehlivan 2023
CCGH Community Day_Workshop

On October 31, 2023, the Charité Center for Global Health hosted its first-ever Community Day in Berlin and on online platforms. This event served as a dynamic gathering for researchers and partners to explore the intricacies of global health. Filled with innovation, practical strategies, and policy discussions, the day brought together more than 130 Charité researchers and their collaborators from research institutions in Africa and Asia. Representatives from the Berlin global health community, including passionate students who represent the next generation, also actively participated. Together, we painted a compelling picture of collaboration and commitment to advancing global health initiatives.

The comprehensive program featured sessions, presentations, and discussions that covered multifaceted aspects of global health. Session 1 addressed the imperative of creating equitable research partnerships. Expert presentations and a panel discussion highlighted the critical role of fundraising and the potential elevation of project evaluation through new partnerships. Session 2 focused on the intersection of local basic and clinical research with collaborative global health research, exploring this nexus through presentations and engaging discussions.  

The day also witnessed small group discussions on specialized topics such as social sciences in health research, climate and health, digital innovations, LMIC perspectives on partnerships with Charité, and community-based care. The final panel discussion revolved around the importance and strategies for a university hospital like Charité to engage in global health.  

With over 100 participants physically present, including invited partners from LMIC collaborations, and many more joining online, the primary objective of enhancing visibility and collaboration among Charité researchers engaged in global health projects was achieved. This inclusive environment allowed the community to share experiences, identify enablers and barriers in collaborations, and pinpoint challenges to equitable partnerships. The insights gathered will guide the Charité Center for Global Health in providing better support in the future.  

The day concluded with a summary of key discussions and potential next steps, followed by a networking session that further solidified the collaborative spirit of the community.  

The success of the day is attributed to the active involvement of everyone, and special thanks go out to all the participants and the executive team for contributing to the growth of our center as a vibrant network hub. 

Special Thanks to all the participants and the executive team! @Beate Kampmann, @Leah Goodman, @Nora Anton, @Dr. Sara Nasser, @Martina Maggioni, @Patricia Alupo, Nadine Muller, @Shuyan Liu, @Nikolaus Rajewsky, @Thi Minh Tam Ta, @Philip El-Duah, @Franziska Grimm, @Tafese Tufa, @Mary Mwanyika Sando, Samuel Knauss, @Miriam Stegemann, @PD Dr. Dr. Kerem Böge, @Malek Bajbouj, Caroline Knop, @Claudia Spies, @Robert Kalyesubula, Joachim Seybold, @Axel Pries, @Christian Drosten, Hanna-Tina Fischer, DrPH, @Rebecca Ingenhoff, @Tamara Vukicevic, @Julius Emmrich, @Joan Shepherd, @Stefanie Theuring, @Philip El-Duah, @Henry Acheampong, @Emmanuel Harizaka Andiamasy, @Hélène Hauch, @Marie Bolster.


Prof. Dr. Beate Kampmann

Scientific Director, Charité Center for Global HealthCharité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Postal address:Berlin

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