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Ebola preparedness in Rwanda

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Design and construction of isolation wards at four district hospitals

Since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak in Eastern Congo in 2018, the Institute for Tropical Medicine and International Health and the Robert Koch Institute have been supporting academic and government partners in Rwanda in preparing for the possible occurrence of Ebola fever. The country bordering Eastern Congo is one of the high risk areas of regional spread.

Initially the focus was on training in Rwanda (protective equipment, triage, infection protection), but in summer 2019 fact-finding missions to clinics near the border were carried out by teams from the Institute for Tropical Medicine and International Health, RKI, TU Braunschweig and the Rwandan Ministry of Health. Now that the structural preconditions have been established, constructional and functional measures are being designed together with the Rwandan Ebola Crisis Centre and the Rwanda Biomedical Centre to implement specialised stations for the safe isolation and treatment of suspected Ebola fever cases. At the same time, targeted training of local specialists takes place. Follow-up measures for the coming years are currently being planned with the partners involved.


Prof. Dr. Frank Mockenhaupt,

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