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Preclinical MRI of the Kidney - book is now open access online

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Book: "Preclinical MRI of the Kidney - Methods and Protocols" is available online now

The book includes contributions from more than 100 international authors. Eighteen out of the 43 chapters were provided by members of the CRC 1365.

I wish to thank the members and supporters of CRC 1365 Bert Flemming, Kathleen Cantow, Thomas Gladytz, Ralph Kettritz, Min-Chi Ku, Jason Millward, Joao Periquito, Andreas Pohlmann, Christian Prinz, Paula Ramos Delgado, Henning Reimann, Adrian Schreiber, Erdmann Seeliger, Ludger Starke and Sonia Waiczies for their passion and dedication to drive the book home.

The book is a very nice example for leadership in science, passion, dedication, hard work and the sheer power of collaboration. With this from the community-to-the-community approach, the book is designed to enhance training in renal MRI sciences, to improve reproducibility of renal imaging research and to boost the comparability of renal MRI studies. With this mission, the book promotes an entire unique opportunity for advanced in vivo renal phenotyping, diagnostic imaging and therapy guidance as a link to stratified medicine. The clinical implications feed into a broad spectrum of physiology, nephrology, radiology, cardiology and other related fields of basic science and clinical research formed around renal and cardiorenal diseases.

The ultimate potential of preclinical MRI of the kidney is far greater; all that is required is the imagination to apply the chapters outlined in the book. We hope that the book will convey the seeds of this vision and inspire you – as it has us – to become pioneers in these amazingly promising areas of preclinical and translational MRI. Seeing this book in the hands of students, basic researchers, clinical scientists and clinicians is the reward we are hoping for. The work is done – it’s time to enjoy the rich fruits of it!


Each chapter and even the entire book can be downloaded for free


Thoralf Niendorf, Ph. D.

Professor for Experimental Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance

Charité - University Medicine

Head, Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility (B.U.F.F.)

Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

in the Helmholtz Association

Robert-Roessle-Strasse 10

13125 Berlin-Buch



tel:      ++49 30 9406 4505

fax:     ++49 30 9406 49176

e-mail: thoralf.niendorf(at)


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