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Retrospect: Winter School Sexual and Reproductive Health in Ethiopia

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Das Institut für Tropenmedizin und Internationale Gesundheit veranstaltete gemeinsam mit der School of Public Health, Wolaita Sodo University in Äthiopien Ende September eine Winter School zum Thema “Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health“

More than a quarter of the world's population is younger than 15 years old; in sub-Saharan Africa, this proportion is highest at 43 percent. Young people play a crucial role in demographic change. They have great potential for the positive economic development of their countries and are the central social group in advancing the sexual and reproductive health of society.

214 million women around the world still lack access to contraceptives and still 25% of girls in southern Africa are leaving school due to unwanted pregnancies. What barriers need to be dismantled to give young people access to health services? How must youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services be designed? What special health risks exist for adolescents? How can the social environment be designed so that young people can stand up for their right to health?
These and other questions were addressed by participants in a Winter School in Ethiopia, including alumni from the Master's program in International Health at the Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, and students from Wolaita Sodo University, with national and international experts on sexual and reproductive health. The exchange between the participants and experts from various disciplines and countries of origin gave the seminar a special quality and contributed to an active dialogue and global networking.
The Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, together with Wolaita Sodo University, is developing a Master of Science in sexual and reproductive health and rights research (MSc SRH & RR). Professional development-related networks and an active dialogue between students, alumni and health care professionals are supported and established. The next joint winter school will take place in autumn 2019 in Berlin.


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