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Representative for gender diversity at the Charité

Trans*/ Inter*/ Non-Binary/ Gender Queer

"You are right the way you are."

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Hello, you have opened this page because you are curious, you are an affected person or you are the parent of an affected child. You have questions, are looking for advice or need support. Our offers are aimed at employees, students, trainees and patients of the Charité. Are you a manager or does your team need clarification or support? Your path leads you personally to the Charité and you belong to the divers gender spectrum, and you need support or have questions? You are an interested person on the topic?

What do we want to achieve?

  • Emancipation of transgender, intergender, non-binary and queer people and their participation.
  • More acceptance of trans*/ inter* / non-binary/ queer lifestyle
  • A greater variety of lifestyles.
  • Reduction of the taboo, pathologization and exoticization of gender affiliation or gender expression that deviates from the binary gender system.
  • Elimination of prejudice and discrimination related to body, identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

We offer:

  • Counseling, coaching, peer counselling
  • Training, education, awareness-raising
  • Accompaniment
  • Networking
  • Transition: Accompaniment in the Charité of those affected and their environment
  • Support in case of experiences of discrimination


Get in touch with our experience experts in gender diversity. Every request is treated with absolute confidentiality and anonymously. You experience contact with us in a peer counseling situation.

  • Email: gender
  • Phone: + 49 30 450 577 394
Charlotte Ariane Krumbholz

Staff Councilor (General Staff Council), Commissioner for Gender Diversity, Nursing Commission, Strategy Ambassador - Charité 2030, Nursing Service

CVK: Campus Virchow-Klinikum

Krumbholz, Foto: Charité

Inter* and trans* friendly interaction in medicine

QueerNetzwerk Charité; Bundesverband Trans* e.V.

Transgender are people whose identity differs from their gender assigned at birth.

Intersex persons are people whose sexual appearance from birth, in terms of chromosomes, gonads, hormone production and body shape, is not only male or female, but appears to be a mixture.

Non-binary is a collective term for gender identities from the transgender spectrum that are neither exclusively male nor female and are outside of the binary gender order.

Queer refers to people who deviate from the corresponding social norm due to their sexual orientation and/or gender.