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English Guide published: Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the Context of Medical and Nursing Care

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"The subject of sexual harassment currently requires increased sensitivity at all levels in the
field of institutionalized medicine and nursing care.

Crossing boundaries, in the physical as well as the psychological realm, is necessary in order
to facilitate treatment in the first place. Patients have to reveal aspects of their private lives
to make themselves accessible to therapy; staff members must sometimes discuss the most
intimate matters of those receiving care in order to comprehensively arrange and carry
out treatment. In these “border regions” of human interaction, it is especially important to
maintain a respectful and trustworthy demeanor to avoid causing “boundary violations.”

To help foster this sensitivity, the Charité Medical University Berlin is encouraging all students
and staff to engage with this subject matter in a conscious manner and is also supporting
the scholarly assessment of possible areas of conflict.

A significant aspect of this effort is to ensure that the personal rights of everyone affiliated
with the Charité are recognized and respected. Sexual harassment or discrimination injures
the dignity of the individuals affected by it.

The Charité is attentive to sexual harassment or discrimination at every level and in all
directions within its internal hierarchy, as well as toward patients, their relatives and companions,
or visitors. And violations will be resolutely sanctioned.

Sexual Harassment is not a Taboo Topic at the Charité!

Please do not hesitate to make use of the corresponding offers for counseling.

All boundary violations exhibit a structural and societal problem that constantly requires
initiative to combat it. This brochure and its guidelines for taking action provide an initial
glimpse into the far-reaching dimensions of the subject, along with offers of concrete support
for dealing with actual situations."



Foreword from the published guide

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